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Making inroads into the Global Education sector

HME are actively involved in our own Global Export Programme, servicing many countries in the Design Technology and advancing technologies sector. With invaluable advice and assistance from the UK's Department for International Trade (DIT), we are extremely proud to provide an innovative and comprehensive range of products to our clients world wide and includes the design and installation of 'State-of -the-Art' INNOVATION LABS:-

Ethical Sourcing Policy

HME's Ethical Sourcing Policy (ESP) aim is to ensure that our suppliers meet appropriate minimum ethical and social standards. The ESP is designed to ensure that the Company buys its products from suppliers that can demonstrate awareness and adherence to relevant and appropriate social and ethical standards, the Company will also seek to ensure that its suppliers are aware of the impact of their operations on the environment and will encourage its suppliers to monitor any such impacts with a view to adopting minimisation measures.

The Company will take reasonable and practical steps to monitor supplier activity in order to ensure that standards, which could impact adversely upon the local or global environment, are not compromised.

Ethical Sourcing Policy