Martyn is a passionate believer in education being at the forefront of children’s growth and has developed a business around that focus with HME. Martyn has a diverse career spanning over three decades in regional sales, as a Metropolitan Councillor, and as the Managing director of HME. Explore this video series as Martyn takes you through the different and challenging projects he encounters throughout the world.

Gems International School at Al Khai – Dubai

Martyn takes us through the Gems International school at Al Khai. Exploring the new D&T installation by HME. Covering British-designed CNC laser machines, British made CNC routing machines as well as exploring the different international sourced equipment exclusively for HME. Martyn covers the variety of unique requirements that a new D&T installation covers from metal works through to textiles.

Repton School, Nad Al Sheba 3 – Dubai

Martyn Interviews the D&T teacher about the HME installation, reviewing the challenges faced as a teacher as well as the balance being strived between academic theory and practical application. Repton School has national champion wins in the F1 Technology challenge, thanks to their extensive D&T installation. Students can engage in a variety of different D&T challenges from 3D printing their own F1 car model to woodworking their own toolbox.

Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust

Martyn visits Shireland Academy to explore the D&T department. Covering challenges that the academy has faced by creating a new D&T department. They discuss how to motivate students to engage with D&T. The diverse teaching talent, internationally the team comes from. Plans for the future and how best to get parents on board with the subject by incorporating STEM into the classroom.

Hayesfield Girls School

Industrialist and founder of HME Logistics, Martyn R. Hale, visits Hayesfield Girls School in Bath, England, to discuss the importance of Design & Technology in the school curriculum with staff members. Inviting them to share their views and experiences about the subject.

Sedgefield Community College

Huw Gullett shows Martyn Hale of HME Logistics, Year 10 groups use of laser cutting containers and CADCAM, Year 9 toothbrush project and Year 11 designing table lamp structures. Huw explains the fundamental principles of the subject and how to use the machines.

Majestic Motors

Martyn visits Majestic Motors to discuss the motivations behind repairing classics cars. Investments into things people love as well as the dynamic skill set of such a niche industry. Martyn goes further into the reasons why Ben started Majestic Motors and his philosophy of being the master of your own destiny and starting your own business.